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Why Advertise with CVM?

Mailing Demographics

Our printing company provides us with a demographic list where we can break down the carrier routes to only choose the Houses or Businesses.  Yes, this costs a little more, but it’s necessary in order to make sure your message gets in the right hands.

Mailed to the Home

All the surveys conducted in the past few years show that approximately 80% of all direct mail advertising is opened & read. Almost twice as many people will see your ad as compared to the next best form of delivery.

Income-Qualified Homes

Your ad has an 80% chance of being read in the highest income homes where both people are working. That is the hardest home to penetrate, and that’s the home everybody wants because they are likely to have the highest disposable income. Think about it, when was the last time you read yesterday’s newspaper? Probably never. But I’ll bet you never threw away yesterday’s mail because you were too busy to read it that day! The mail waits until you have the time to read it. No other media does that.


Great coupon offers that make our magazines stay in the home. Each time, a customer looks for a coupon, they see your ad again and again.

60-lb Coated Non-Glare Paper

Your ad will radiate the “Feeling of Quality”. People will associate that feeling of quality with their underlying impression of the quality of your business. It also means that your ad is “Durable.” Our paper stock will stand up to a lot of abuse so your ad will still look great weeks, and even months, later.

Locally Owned & Operated

We are in a better position to design an offer that will work for you, not only because we understand what the local economy is looking for, but because we have run hundreds of successful ads for other local businesses. We can put a level of experience behind your advertising investment that no o-ne else can. We know what works!

An Average Repeat Rate of around 80% Across the Country

This is probably the “Lowest Risk Advertising Investment” that you can make in your business. I have always felt that buying an ad is a lot like playing poker. Everybody makes you anti-up before you know what kind of hand you are going to get. With us, you are guaranteed at least “Four of a Kind.” You might not win every hand, but you are going to end up taking the pot if you just keep playing this good of a hand.


Choose precisely the audience you want to reach and speak to them, and only to them, one-to-one. You speak to people in their own language – and about their individual needs. You can even time your efforts to coincide with a critical point in a customer’s buying cycle. Direct Mail is the medium that’s as personal as somebody’s own name. And consumers respond accordingly.