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Appliance Upgrade Safety!

Provided by Jim Simmons, Mr. Electric

New appliances can make for exciting and valuable addition to your home; however, they use a lot of electricity and can ultimately take a toll on your electrical system. As an electrician, I have seen it time and again—homeowners buy new appliances that use a significant amount of electricity, even when they have an “Energy Star” label. These homeowners are unaware that the new appliances can use more power than their old possibly causing damage to the wiring.

A lot of people seem to have the old “set it and forget it” mentality that when it comes to their new appliances. Many times the importance of installation safety is ignored (shock hazard – improper wiring – improper connections) and other potential dangers are overlooked.

Ideally, with the help of a licensed electrician, you should have no problems installing your new electrical equipment. Here are some tips that might help you prevent problems with the installation of your new appliances:

1) Check the electrical requirements of any new appliances, especially if they will be replacing older equipment. It’s important to ensure that the installation was done properly and that the transition from the old appliance to the new one is smooth. If the appliance needs to be relocated or altered a permit may be required.

2) Call your licensed electrician to help you remove old, hardwired appliances. This is extremely important! In many older homes, appliances were hardwired to the electrical system. Removing them incorrectly can result in serious damage to the wiring.

3) Turn the power off before installing new appliances. Some think that this goes without saying, but you’d be surprised how many people forget about this very simple rule. Not turning off the power can result in damage to the appliance, as well as shock and possible injury to you.

4) Hire an electrician to check that the new appliance installation was done safely and correctly, especially if it was done in an older home.

5) Chances are you may not need to call a licensed electrician to help you with every new appliance installation. However, if you have any doubts or questions about how to install your appliance safely, don’t hesitate to call us so we can make sure that your installation goes off without a hitch.

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