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American Maid Cleaning: “Cleaning for a Reason!”

Provided by Liz Trotter, American Maid Cleaning

Imagine you’re a woman and you have cancer.  Not only is that word just about the scariest thing you can hear, but what about everything else?  What about your family?  Who will take care of them?  Who will feed them and clean for them while you are going through your treatments?  Well hopefully you have family that can help you out – it’s exhausting. But  most women don’t receive the amount of sustained help that is really necessary.

This additional hardship is why Cleaning For a Reason was created.  The founder, Debbie Sardone owned a cleaning company in Texas – Buckets and Bows.  She saw the additional struggle that many women have and the additional burden those women take on simply from their desire to care for their families, even during their own treatments.  Cleaning For a Reason is a non-profit organization of residential house cleaning companies.  We donate monthly cleanings to help with that burden.

As the owner of American Maid I’ve been a supporter of C4R since its inception.  We are Charter members and count ourselves lucky to have this opportunity.  My Grandmother died from breast cancer and I’ve been affected through other close relationships as well.  It isn’t always a great experience unfortunately.  More than once we’ve gotten to know someone only to have them pass away abruptly.  But the benefits outweigh the drawbacks for sure!  Everyone in the company gets energized just from seeing a C4R patient on the schedule.  There aren’t that many things we do as professional housekeepers that have as much an impact on our Clients’ lives.  We get the most glowing thank yous and hugs – at the end of the day we don’t go home thinking “yep, I cleaned another toilet” instead we’re thinking “yep, I helped one more woman have at least a little bit of peace.”  You can’t buy feelings like that J  We only wish we could do more!

Please take a moment to visit www.cleaningforareason.org if you feel you’d like to help out with this cause or if you know someone in need.  The approval process is very easy and is done very quickly also.