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Combining Conventional and Alternative Treatments for Your Total Health

By: David Overton, PA-C
Owner, Natural Medicines & Family Practice

Why would you choose to come to our practice? We combine the best of conventional and alternative medicine while treating the causes of your problems.

We focus on wellness care and natural approaches. Conventional medicine focuses on treating symptoms, abnormal tests or diseases with drugs, surgery and procedures. We do conventional medicine: urgent care, physical exams, order tests and scans, start and refill prescription drugs, perform procedures and referrals. Conventional approaches work best for trauma, urgent problems or severe diseases. It does not work well for chronic and degenerative conditions.

We also offer alternative treatments to solve your problems and manage chronic conditions. Working together over time, alternative treatments often eliminates the problem or manages issues to reduce costs, prevent hospitalizations and avoid prescription drug side effects.

You have many choices with wellness care and natural treatments, such as nutritional and lifestyle counseling, weight loss, homeopathy, herbal medicines, nutritional medicine, naturopathic approaches, energy medicine, vitamin shots, auriculotherapy (needle less acupuncture) and more. We see better results using the best of conventional and alternative approaches. Our goal is to provide relief from symptoms or more energy so you can have more fun, productivity or time for family, friends or the things you enjoy.

How did I learn all these approaches? I had a series of injuries, infections and degenerative problems where conventional treatments suppressed symptoms but caused side effects. Alternative treatments relieved the symptoms, reversed the problems and manage the problems better. I now offer these approaches to patients when indicated.

If you are sick and tired of chronic symptoms and want to find and treat the causes, come see us. We accept most insurance programs and offer discounted prices for those without insurance.

David Overton, PA-C works at Natural Medicines & Family Practice combining conventional and alternative treatments under the supervision of Dr. Richard Faiola, MD, ABFM. Call 360-357-8054 for an appointment or information.