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Cupcakes, Cupcakes, Everywhere!! by: Rachel Young, Miss Moffett’s Mystical Cupcakes

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Cupcakes were not always my passion. I actually didn’t bake anything from scratch until 5 ½ years ago! When I became a stay-at-home mom after giving birth to my second son, I baked cupcakes for the first time because I was hosting a family gathering. They were chocolate milkshake cupcakes like the Wendy’s Frosty. My family devoured them, and so did I! They were moist, flavorful and decadent. After that, I wanted to make more fun flavors.

Next I baked a Root Beer Float cupcake, and after that an Orange Dreamsicle cupcake. I quickly became obsessed, and would wake up in the middle of the night with new ideas for flavors. After baking like a mad woman for several months and not really understanding what was happening to me, I had a dream one night. In the dream, my baking obsession had turned into a real company, called Miss Moffett’s Mystical Cupcakes. The company was a household name, with stores all over the country. My great grandmother Rachel Moffett was in the dream, and the company was named after her, because she was the spirit who was working behind the scenes, inspiring me and cultivating this new company.

I woke up and began designing my menu and logo. Over the next few weeks, I built a simple website with my flavors, photos of cupcakes and an online order form. I created a Facebook page so people could follow me. And I actually started getting orders! Pretty soon, it became apparent that I needed to find a commercial kitchen and become a licensed food processor. With the help of my mom, I did just that. And Miss Moffett’s Mystical Cupcakes was born.

Two months after becoming licensed, I applied for Food Network’s Cupcake Wars – and was invited to be on the show! The experience was amazing and literally, the most exhilarating and fun thing I have ever done.

The show aired in October 2013. Three months after the show aired, I opened my very first cupcake shop downtown by the Farmer’s Market. It was a stressful time, because I was actually pregnant with my third son and my dad had just passed away. But, it was all meant to be, and I felt my great grandmother Rachel Moffett by my side the whole time (and you too, dad!).

Nine months after opening my first location, I opened up a second location in the Capital Mall. Nine months after that, I opened a third location in Lacey with Elle’s Floral Design (next to Fred Meyer). It’s now been three years since I opened my downtown shop.

The last three years has been such a whirlwind! But I continue to feel that it is all meant to be. Mystical Cupcakes are special cupcakes.

Come in and try one, and if you come into my downtown shop, chances are that’s where you’ll find me – and we can talk more about the real Miss Moffett and my amazing cupcake story in person!  Visit us also at www.mysticalcupcakes.com.

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