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Do you know why it’s important to chew your food? by: Alexia Sandifer NTP


Did you know that several cases of acute bowel disease and auto immune disease has been directly contributed to food being improperly chewed and digested? Did you know that your body relies on you to properly chew your food – pulverizing it down to a paste called “chyme” to be properly digested?

So many of us eat on the run, in the car, at our desk, standing at the kitchen counter, at the bathroom sink, on the couch in front of the television, in front of the computer etc.

Did you know that for the first digestive juices to be released into your stomach, your brain has to receive a signal that you are in a relaxed state? Did you know that as soon as the food enters your mouth you surround it with saliva and your saliva tags the food. Those tags send nano-second signals to the organs of digestion to start releasing acids, bile, and hormones? Did you know that your stomach acid level is a pipping hot 1.5-3.0 pH (water is a pH of 7)? Did you know that your stomach has to have that acid to properly breakdown proteins?


Did you know that antacids and acid blockers interfere with this process because they increase your stomach pH which opens the door to memory loss, mineral loss, decreased bone density, mouth sores, constipation, hernias, IBS, H-Pylori, parasite infestation, asthma, eczema, plus a host more health complications?

Also, did you know that your pancreas releases enzymes and your gallbladder releases bile to breakdown your carbohydrates and fats, but only if the food is broken down correctly and it is at the right pH coming out of the stomach?

Did you know that large chunks of food can, in no way, be broken down properly by the intestinal tract and that those large food particles can get lodged into the colon causing diverticulitis? Did you know that you can create autoimmune diseases like Crohn’s and Colitis because you don’t properly digest your food?

So when you are inhaling your food, hardly taking the time to chew, and assuming that your digestive tract will break it all down for you, that you are very, very wrong?

Did you know a lot of bodily disease is actually started in the digestive tract due to improperly digested food? Did you know that by just changing how you eat, that you can start healing yourself? Did you know that 80% of your immune system in is the gut? Did you know that if you have a gut on fire that you have a brain on fire? “Where did I put my keys?” “What did I come in here for?” “What is your name?”

So when your farts clear a room, no one can use the bathroom after you have had a bowel movement, you have acute bloating, constipation, diarrhea, gas, burping, thin ribbons of poop, blood in your stool, etc. that your digestive system is screaming….”chew your food!!!”

Just a thought for today – maybe it’s time to sit down, say a prayer of thanks, take a deep relaxing breath, and enjoy your meal. Your digestive tract will thank you for it.

Your body is absolutely, perfectly, amazing! Don’t take it for granted!

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Alexia L. Sandifer, NTP

Champion Chiropractic Center – Clinical Nutrition