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Drive or Fly

Wondering whether to drive or fly on your next trip?  It used be
that driving was always cheaper than flying.  However, this may
not always be the case when you add up the cost of gas, hotels
and food while on the road. Well, let me share with you
There’s a tool to help you calculate and compare driving verses flying.
It’s the “Fly or Drive Calculator” found at
http://www.befrugal.com/tools/fly-or-drive-calculator/ This free web
based tool will help you take the guess work out of analyzing the
costs of a trips. 
I plugged in the data for a common trip my family makes from
Seattle to Los Angeles.  What I found was, according to this
calculator, driving would cost $1450, traveling round trip from
Seattle to Los Angeles, and flying would cost $1978 for the same
trip. That is a difference of $528.  This tool also calculated
that driving verses driving showed a time difference of 25 hours.
But time wise there is a difference of over 25 hours.  To me,
money is replaceable, but time is not.  Would having an extra 25
hours be worth $528?  Depending on how much time I had for
this vacation I would most likely drive.  In contrast, for a couple
traveling from Seattle to Los Angeles round trip, according to the
travel calculator, the cost would be $619 to fly and and $820 to
drive.  This decision is pretty much a no brainer unless someone
wanted to take in the scenery and had plenty of time to drive. 
In the past my family has both driven and flown.  Flying is quick
and easy giving you more time to spend at your destination, or
time to spend with friends and family.  Driving is long and tiring
especially if you’re driving straight through.  But driving can allow
you to see more sites along the way and spend quality time in the
car with the family. 

So cost isn’t the only factor in deciding
whether to drive or fly.  You have to consider the intangibles
too, like how do you want to spend your time?  What is your
time worth?  What are your priorities for the trip?  The “Fly or
Drive calculator” will help you figure out your costs, then it is up
to you to decide which is the best option for your trip.  To book
your travel plans, whether you choose to drive or fly, consider
using a travel agency, like KV Travel, to help save money and
obtain expert advice on travel plans at no additional cost to you.

Kenny Veldheer