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Fall Flower Photography in the Pacific Northwest!

By: Rosalind Philips.

Fall in the Pacific Northwest is a special time full of crisp apples, colorful foliage and deep blue skies. Explore it to the max with your digital camera. The heavy snowpack means that mountain wildflowers will last late into September. The following hints will help you take stunning photos.

1. Use the macro setting on your camera. There is often a picture of a flower on the selection dial. The macro setting allows you to get very close to the flower.

2. Use a tripod to steady your camera. A Ziploc bag filled with dried beans, rice or sand will let you steady your camera on the car window, on the ground, or on a rock.

3. Get down low. My best flower pictures have been taken lying on my stomach.
4. Cloudy days are great for flower photography.

5. Don’t forget the insects. This is a great time of year for dragonflies.

6. A squirt bottle can help you put water droplets on flowers for that dew look.

7. Practice your technique at a garden before heading for the mountains. It’s good to know where the controls are and how to set up your tripod before you are overwhelmed with the beauty of nature.

Great places to take flower pictures

1. Mt. Rainier Paradise Area. There are many trails through the Paradise Meadows. One of my favorite walks is the Nisqually Glacier Trail. The trail to Myrtle Falls is a short 1/8 mile for those who prefer less walking.

2. Mt. Rainier Sunrise Area. The trails at Sunrise are steeper, but the wildflowers last later into the fall. There is also a garden with labels so that you can learn the names of the flowers.

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Happy Photography!