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Gary’s Tire Factory: The Store That Does it All!

Written by: Laura Espinosa, on behalf of Gary’s Tire Factory

Started in 1973, Gary’s Tire Factory has a long history of serving the Thurston County community with above-the-bar customer service and a client base that spans well into second and third generations. Sons and daughters of Gary’s original customers from the 70s, as well as their sons and daughters have been coming to the shop that’s been taking care of their families’ cars for generations.

First a tire store in the 70s, Gary’s Tire Factory moved into doing minor auto repairs for its clients through the 80s and 90s, and then, in 2006, added a full-fledged auto repair shop as part of its services. The move to become a one-stop shop for everything automotive related was pioneered by Gary’s son, Gerry Rich, who has worked in the store since he was 17 and now owns his father’s shop.

Now his customers don’t have to go from location to location to get all of their auto repair needs; They can just come to Gary’s. As one customer exclaimed, “I finally found a place where I can stop shopping around for car repairs!” That same customer also said that Gerry has “kept me alive and on the road for many years now.”

It’s this kind of satisfied customer base that makes Gary’s Tire Factory stand out from its competitors. “We have a very good reputation for customer service,” Gerry said. In an industry where it’s very easy to take advantage of a customer’s lack of technical knowledge, that’s saying a lot.

Come on down to Gary’s Tire Factory if you need your oil changed, your brakes repaired, or simply to get your tires checked. Gerry and his personnel do it all.
And a quick tip if you want to make your car last longer? Gerry suggests that you always bring your car in for its scheduled maintenance, even if there’s nothing wrong with your car. Scheduled maintenance is more important than ever these days, where vehicles are suppose to last for 250,000 miles instead of 100,000.

So call Gary’s at 360-456-4325 to see when your car needs its scheduled maintenance.