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Healthy lifestyles in the Armed Forces

Have you ever been overwhelmed on with the sheer number of youtube videos, diet plans, and physical fitness routines that circulate around the Internet? You’re not alone. It is important to know the most reliable resources of information related to your health on the Internet. This article will include resources of reputable information geared to improve your knowledge on physical activity, sport injuries, and overall wellness.

 Physical Activity

www.acsm.org – American College of Sports Medicine

Weight Loss TIP: 150-250 minutes/week of moderate-intensity physical activity provides only modest weight loss. Greater amounts (ie. >250) provide clinically significant weight loss. 

 Exercise Technique Videos


Exercise Technique Tip: Some of these movements are very advanced. No video can replace the experience of a certified personal trainer or other educated fitness professional. Seeking help from an educated personal trainer can be valuable benefit in improving your health.



Sport Nutrition Tip: Registered dietitian Nancy Clark points out that it is extremely important that we replenish our bodies under an hour after an intense workout. A quick protein shake or even chocolate milk will decrease fatigue, soreness, and enhance recovery.

BEST DIET: Eat more often (4-6 times daily), decrease your portion size, and do more throughout the day!

 Sports Injuries and Prevention


Injury Prevention Tip:  Do you enjoy running? Then get rid of those old beaten up running shoes! You are killing your feet and increasing your risk for injury. Visit a store that specializes in running (ex South Sound Running). They will prescribe you a shoe that works beats for your gait.

 Stress Management


 Smoking Cession


BY: Richard Rosenblum, CSCS certified,  Resolution Fitness