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Mac N’ More . . . a 25-Year Journey!

By:  Katrina Cobb, Owner, Mac N’ More

Opening Mac N’ More has been a 25 year journey.  We did not know what kind of restaurant we would open or where it would be, but it was a dream that we talked about often. We considered a variety of concepts from the trendy place to a neighborhood bar and grill. However, we had almost a mental list of things that we wanted our restaurant to be:  fun, quality food, good value, satisfying and a place that people wanted to come back to.

Steve has worked in restaurants and dining facilities around the world while I served in the Army.  We had made a deal – he would follow me around the world and when I retired, he would get to choose where we would stay.  When we moved to Lacey in 2004, Steve fell in love with the growing city and the friendliness of the people in it. While we have been here, we have watched our daughters graduate from river Ridge, one of them graduate from Washington State University and one of them attend University of Washington.  Our son is poised to graduate from River Ridge next year. So it was only natural that he wanted to open our restaurant here and stay in the place where we have finally put down roots.

Over the last two years, Steve started searching diligently for the perfect place. It almost felt like we were in a fairy tale – the first place was too expensive, the second place just petered out, and the third and fourth places went to people who had different concepts. Then finally, we found our current location. Each time and place, Steve did his research and refined the menu and the concept.  He found that Lacey did not have a good old fashioned comfort food place.

And that is what Mac N’ More is all about.  The restaurant is a casual place that serves comfort foods to eat in or take out.  The mac n’ cheese is the main dish at the restaurant, but the menu also has meatloaf, chili mac, patty melts and a variety of salads.

Comfort  food!  Macaroni and cheese, meatloaf, chicken and all of the foods we all grew up with.  Everything is made fresh to order. You can order in, have take-out or phone in an order to pick up on the way home.

Check out the full menu at www.macn-more.com or on our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/Macnmore?sk=wall