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Meet Quincy . . . The Blind Cat



The first time I met Quincy he was so tiny that he could be held in one hand.  He had arrived at South Bay Veterinary Hospital with his Mom and littermates.  A very nice realtor named Darcy Eggeman had found them in a foreclosed home.  The kittens were very sick with an upper respiratory infection and Quincy was the most ill of them all.  The infection had moved to his eyes which made them look too horrible to describe but for some strange reason I was in love with Quincy the moment I saw him!

The kittens stayed at the clinic for a few days, while we treated them, and then they went home with Darcy.  I couldn’t stop thinking about Quincy, so a few days later when he returned to the clinic I was over the moon when it was decided that he would come home to live with me, my husband Ed, and our other cats.  We were unsure what would ultimately happen with his eyes as they were not fully developing due to the infection.  But we were excited to find out what life would be like with the possibility of a sight impaired kitten and what this little guy was capable of.

Life with Quincy has never been difficult but we did take precautions at first.  We put cardboard along the stairs so he wouldn’t walk through the railings and hurt himself.  We taught him how to navigate the cat tree but that didn’t keep my heart from skipping a beat the first time we came home and found him at the top of our 6 foot tree!  He does make a mess with the litter in his box flinging it all over but that is a small price to pay to share our lives with this magnificent cat.  We have steps next to our bed to help him up but when he wants to get down he jumps off without hesitation diving into the abyss.  Quincy did finally have to undergo surgery to remove what there was of his eyes.  The malformation was causing him some pain and irritation.  He is now the very handsome boy you see in the photo.

Quincy is now 5 years old and he still amazes us every day.  He knows the layout of the house and most visitors don’t even know that he is blind until we point it out.  He has his favorite sleeping spot on the couch, lays in the sun, and plays with toys and his housemates just like any other cat.  Quincy has no fear!  He even goes outside on occasion (under strict supervision) and runs around the yard.  He loves to smell everything, listen to the sounds of nature, and I think he knows he can run as fast and far as he wants without the worry of running into anything.  He has even visited the kindergarten classes at South Bay Elementary and loved being the center of attention.

I believe Quincy is a lesson to us all to live life to the fullest without fear or reservation.  He doesn’t let anything stop him or anyone tell him he can’t do something.  I feel animals are the purest form of unconditional love and living life to the fullest no matter the obstacles.  Quincy is a true testament to that belief.

Connie Fraser, LVT

Hospital Manager

South Bay Veterinary Hospital


A BIG Thank You to the doctors and staff at South Bay Veterinary Hospital and to Darcy Eggeman for bringing Quincy into my life.  After rescuing Quincy, Darcy started a non-profit organization called Foreclosure Pets and has continued to rescue hundreds more victims.