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Oh “Deer”!

By: by Diane Altman, Altman Insurance Agency

The cartoon vision of Bambi and Thumper are not what come to mind when insurance clients experience a deer-car accident. In fact, the thump of a deer-collision, frequently during twilight hours, causes major damage and injury that could often be avoided or minimized.

“Educating clients about avoiding accidents and having the right coverage before a collision occurs, helps us add value to people’s lives,” says Bradley Altman, founder of the Altman Insurance Agency. Each of the 20 years owning the agency, there are several calls throughout spring and summer where people have hit a deer.

According to the National Safety Council, the deer population is increasing while people are expanding to more rural areas, resulting in more frequent collisions between the two. “We had a Ford Taurus that was once totaled, while the deer fared well,” said Altman. The driver did everything right; remaining steady in the lane and swiftly decreasing speed. Unfortunately, the deer hit the front of the car and rolled to the hood, windshield, top, rear windshield and trunk, ultimately totaling the vehicle. Surprisingly, the young deer jumped up, seemingly unharmed, and leapt into the woods, while the unharmed driver watched in amazement and thankfully had a quality insurance policy that covered the loss.

Altman reminds drivers to resist the urge to help a hit deer, as it can injure you or unexpectedly create more damage. Also, if you make sure you have the proper coverage now, you could save heartache after an accident. Comprehensive insurance, while not required by law, is used for any collision involving an animal.
Along with checking your insurance policy for comprehensive coverage, remember your own safety is involved by not swerving when confronted with an animal in the roadway. “We see many drivers who create larger accidents and injury by swerving to avoid an animal,” said Altman. Remember to hold the steering wheel firm while decreasing your speed. If possible, honk the horn and blink the headlights to help startle the animal out of your path.

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