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Perks of the Park by: Treehouse Island Zipline Adventures

TIZ LogoZipline for a living…sounds pretty great, right? We think so. Who wouldn’t want to fly through the air on a zip line or soak in the gorgeous views of Mt St. Helen’s, Silver Lake, sunsets and lush forests in this gorgeous NW setting? But that’s not even the best part. The very best perk is the patrons! We’ve met so many great people from all over the world. Here are some memorable stories about a few of our favorites (names have been changed for privacy):

CITY FOLK A group of 5 coworkers from New York city decided to see the west coast. They visited Seattle and Portland. We asked them “What great things have you seen?” They proceeded with the usual list, and then said they went to see the Columbia River Gorge. They drove east on Hwy 84 out of Portland but could not find the gorge, so they went to Multnomah Falls instead. Cracked us up since they were in the gorge and didn’t even know it!

IMG_3659YAKAMANIACS A group of 4 cousins from Yakima showed up at Mani’s house after work on Friday and said, “We are going to dinner…come with us!” He unwittingly did. They drove to Portland and stayed for three days, he with not with so much as a change of socks. They also took him zip lining, knowing he was deathly afraid of heights; All in slacks and a shirt. It all explains why people from Yakima are called Yakamaniaks!

90 year old Rose is on the right!

90 year old Rose is on the right!

FOREVER YOUNG Rose came to Treehouse Island to celebrate her 90th birthday. Bucket list…check! She entered the office with a walking cane that had 4 feet on it, the kind that stands up by itself. We took Rose aside and had a heart to heart with her as the course is made up of ladders and rope bridges not suited for those who are not ambulatory. She assured us that she was able, so we went to the course. She had no trouble on the first zip. We asked her if she wanted to continue. She said, “Of course!” On the second line she did great. We asked if she wanted to continue. She said, “Why wouldn’t I?” We stopped asking after that. Love her spunk.

VICTORY Amber came with her 8th grade class party of about 55 students and adults. She was terrified of heights and wanted to overcome her fear. On the first zip line, she was so petrified, she started to cry. The expert guide asked if she wanted to get down and informed her that it only gets higher and scarier. She insisted on continuing. She collected herself, went to the first ladder, took one step up and started to cry again. She waited until she stopped crying and took another step. She cried again. This continued throughout the entire course. Although she always had the option of getting down, she was victorious! After finishing the course, we asked her how she was feeling, and she said, “That was awesome!” Nothing will stop this girl!

IMG_3245So many stories…and these are just the tip of the iceberg. We hope you can come out and join us sometime soon and make a story of your own! You, our peeps, are the biggest perk for all of us at Treehouse Island Zip Line Adventures. Come join the fun with us!