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Rutledge Corn Maze – A Night of Fun or Scare?

Written by: Maya Tripathi, Junior, Olympia, WA

With this Halloween season coming up, Rutledge Corn Maze would like to welcome its visitors with a blast-off of the new spectacular 2011 Twilight Saga – Breaking Dawn theme, an all new hot topic of this fall recreated right in the structure of the maze. Have you been dazzled by Edward’s dangerously sweet gaze, or are you a giant fan of Bella’s? If so, don’t miss out on all the fun!

Visitors all over the community are coming to explore the dark corners of the maze; just as every year, they will not be disappointed. The challenge is out there, but who can beat it to discover the exit? Vampires crowd every inch of the maze, every twisting turn as visitors join the party dressed as their favorite Twilight characters. Who knows, you might on occasion even discover Jacob strolling around looking for a fresh kill of the cold ones.

For all those skeptics out there who need an extra scare, leave your flashlights behind and walk over to the Haunted Maze just yards away from the love triangle of Bella and Edward that make up the main maze. In here, it is not only ghouls that haunt the vicinity.. there is an echoing growl coming from behind as blood-lust fangs gnash at you right before your eyes. Whichever way you choose to run, there may not be hope. Dare to chance it?

With all the screams behind, Rutledge is offering an area for socializing with hot apple cider and other warm snacks for your evening of entertainment. After all, this is Halloween, you can’t go wrong with a sweet tooth and a little fun. Whether you come as a group or with a few close friends, Rutledge insures that you have the time of your life, and for the first time ever the main maze will remain open until the 27th of November just in time for the opening premier of Twilight – Breaking Dawn in theatres!! For more information, go to rutledgecornmaze.com. We’ll be seeing you there.