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Solutions Weight Loss Clinic – The Gift of a New Year

The New Year is such a gift. We are met with the special opportunity to move forward embracing goals that make the future better than the past. The New Year presents us with a clean slate.

HOPE. This feeling can assist us in achieving even the most difficult goals. Hope is the foundation by which success is experienced everyday at Solutions Weight Loss Clinic. Every client who begins their weight loss journey with the Solutions’s program does so with a strong foundation in place. Twenty years of experience, thousands of thinner, healthier and much happier clients continues to strengthen a already infalable approach.

My career started back in 1982. I spent the next decade training with weight loss doctors, nutritionists, registered nurses and behavioral modification specialists. Over the years I have had the pleasure of sharing my knowledge with the community. The need is so great, we now offer the program nationwide. From Seattle to Florida you can find very satisfied Solutions clients!

We are delighted to assist you in a personalized approach that has consistent,safe and long lasting results without the dangerous side affects of surgery, injections or pills.
Area physicians, nurses, nutritionists,and counselors themselves utilize the Solutions Weight Loss program supports confidence in the effectiveness of your successful outcome.

Please enjoy the following suggestions for goal setting in the new year ahead….
Simple tips can make your goal setting, no matter the goal, more effective. First, it is important to frame your goals positively. It is better if your goal contains positive phrases like; increasing,growing, or adding instead of removing, stopping or eliminating. Another great idea would be to write your goals down. There is power in the physical act of writing our plans and goals.
Have you heard of “SMART” goals? This acronym represents five golden rules for goal setting. First, set specific goals, so that you know exactly where you are headed. Make your goals measurable, as well. This ensures you will know when have achieved your goal. Next, your goal should be attainable, so that your goal is balanced between too easy and simply impossible. Neither extreme will support your success. Also, make your goal relevant, which insures that your direction is in line with your life’s big picture. Lastly, it can increase your success to have your goal with a date of completion.
So, here we are with another year ahead of us. Together, we can make your life, thinner, healthier and happier.

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