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Olympia Overhead Doors says, “Stay in control when the power goes out!”

Provided by: Olympia Overhead Doors

Many of the homeowners in Thurston County, Washington, who use a garage door opener for easy, safe and secure entry and exit to their garage and home have already found that access to their cars, as well as secure access in and out of their garages, are compromised by a powerless garage door opener when there is a power failure. Not only does this cause convenience and transportation issues, it also poses a security threat to homeowners and families who rely on the garage door as the primary entrance and exit from their home.

“Although the garage door is the largest and heaviest moving part in one’s home, the possibility of the garage door not opening during a power outage is usually the last of many things to cross a homeowner’s mind during a storm, even though it can pose the biggest inconvenience and security risk, ” states John McKinlay of Olympia Overhead Doors in Olympia, Washington.

As an authorized LiftMaster® garage door opener dealer, Olympia Overhead Doors is able to offer these customers a safe, practical and reliable access solution that can help them prepare for the next inevitable storm or any unforeseen outages throughout the year.  LiftMaster openers equipped with a unique Battery Backup system can be professionally installed to provide area homeowners with peace-of-mind and added protection for the next power outage.

The Battery Backup Solution

LiftMaster openers with Battery Backup allow homeowners to enter and exit their garage when the power is out by supplying standby power for up to two days.  Even after 24 hours of standby time (i.e. full-day power outage), the opener will still perform 20 full “up and down” cycles.

Once power is lost to the home, the Battery Backup system automatically begins functioning.  Dedicated to full access and safety, the Battery Backup system on the LiftMaster garage door opener operates so all remote controls and garage door opener safety systems work normally.  Also, to notify the homeowner that the garage door opener is operating under battery power, a series of recognizable, audible sounds signal when the door is opening or closing.  As an added safety feature, a flashing LED light alerts the homeowner when the battery is charging, in use, or when the batteries need to be replaced. The battery, which has a life of roughly three-to-five years under normal use, is warranted for one year from the date of purchase to the original owner.

“While we hope we will never again be faced with power outages like we just experienced, we always recommend to homeowners and local builders a garage door opener with the Battery Backup system — an easy and reliable way to ensure

security, safety and convenience as well as peace-of-mind during a power outage,” continued John McKinlay

Professional Installation and Service

All LiftMaster garage door openers, accessories and access systems are professionally installed by LiftMaster authorized dealers, such as Olympia Overhead Doors.. To learn more about equipping your home or multi-unit residence with a LiftMaster garage door opener with Battery Backup, please contact Olympia Overhead Doors at 360-491-8003 or visit www.LiftMaster.com.