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Daily Headaches? Does this sound like you? You take two over the counter pain relievers every single morning before you head in to work and before the day’s end you’re popping two more. When you come home there is a house to clean, dinner to make, homework to help with and a family to take care of. It seems like your day never ends and all of it just makes your head pound even harder. This repeats itself day in, and day out.
It’s safe to say that just about everyone …

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Did you know that all 32 NFL Teams have chiropractors on their staff? Did you also know that Active Release Technique (ART) is the preferred method of treatment NFL chiropractors use for keeping their athletes in superbowl-ready shape? In fact the Seattle Seahawks have not one, but two chiropractors certified in ART who help get our team in the end zone.
What is ART? Think of Active Release Technique (ART) as massage’s upbeat cousin that works harder, faster, and more efficiently.  ART helps athletes ranging from runners and triathletes to NFL players and …