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The ABC’s of Abstract, by: Jeff Turner, Abstract Precision Exercise and Bodyworks

Almost 19 years ago, Abstract Bodyworks was born out of necessity. Typical gyms attract and market to young people from 18-30 years old. Unfortunately they have not experienced the loss of muscle and health as those of us above 50. Abstract is designed to fight the disease of aging. Through proper exercise and rest we help people live young even in there 90’s.

Age is never a factor nor is gender. In fact, 90 year old men and women gain muscle and youth as quickly as 25 year olds according to research. At Abstract, we do Age Defying Exercise in a safe, efficient and effective manner in private. 15 minutes and right back to your day.

Here is why Abstract exists: In today’s world, many of us are confused about how to take control of not only the cost of us getting older, but also our health and vitality. Research shows that 44 million Americans are battling osteoporosis or low bone density. Along with weaker bones comes type II diabetes and becoming frail. Every year of life after the age of 30, we as humans, lose 1/2 of a pound of muscle and 1% of our bone density, effectively growing older and weaker every year. By the time we reach 55 years old we have lost 12 pounds of muscle and almost 25% of our bone density. It’s no wonder we are feeling old!!

The question becomes, what do we do? Your doctor can help and is an essential part of tackling these issues and of course their diagnosis. Is there another way to fight aging? Yes!!! Most of us are just too busy to spend 4 hours a week trying to stay healthy. In fact, this is the number one reason that most do not have an exercise program. Here’s the good news. You don’t have to spend hours at the gym or on some bike or treadmill. Living younger, leaner and healthier is just minutes away.

At Abstract Precision Exercise, we help our clients live 15 years younger in as little as 15 minutes a week. Through proper exercise and rest, our clients turn back the clock on the aging process. Our clients add lean muscle, lose fat and increase their bone density by as much as 10% often more. Not only are they building stronger bones and muscle, but they are reversing the aging process. More muscle allows the client to regulate their blood glucose like they did in their younger years. Many have cut their medications in half and some have even completely gone off their diabetes drugs, of course with their doctors blessing and watchful eye.

Research has shown us that age is just a number and no one is too old to strength train. In fact we train clients in their 60s, 70s and even in their 90s! They all gain muscle as fast as 20 year olds. Any Age, Any Body, Any Condition! Those are the ABCs’ of Abstract.

Living stronger, leaner and younger has never been easier! How would de-aging yourself by 15 years in as little as 15 minutes a week affect your life? How will controlling your health issues through proper exercise affect your pocket book? Please understand, your Strength is your YOUTH. You can be lean and frail, fat and frail but you cannot be STRONG and frail!! You don’t have to just grow old, we can live in our 70s and 80s like we were still in our 40s.

How young do you want to live?

Call us today at 360-754-7544 to try a week for free! Train in private, in your everyday clothes with no sweating. At Abstract, we have no contracts or start up fees, just you growing younger.