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The Story Behind Emmit’s Magic Animal Rescue, by: Brook Snow

Emmit's Thrift Store - LOGOA small local nonprofit animal rescue has enhanced the community with a new resource for the abused and neglected animals of Thurston County. Saving the lives of abused and neglected pets with compassion, love, and tireless dedication, and helping these pets become adoptable. You won’t find cement floors with kennels, only homes opened up by generous volunteers who share in the vision. From acute injury and abandonment, to rehabilitation and ultimately rehoming, Emmit’s Magic Animal Rescue is changing animals’ lives, and families, one at a time.

EmmitSnow-33Volunteer driven and funded solely by donations, shy and medically needy pets have a chance to become healthy, adoptable pets. The rescue does not have a shelter facility, nor any paid staff. Dogs, cats, and other small furry pets reside in foster homes while awaiting adoption. Foster homes for Emmit’s Magic can be found in the Olympia area, as well as Puyallup, Lake Bay, even all the way to Portland, as a dozen or more families have opened up their hearts and homes for the cause.

Animals that are surrendered to the rescue receive vet care, microchip, vaccines, and spay and neuter surgeries. Emmit’s Magic Animal Rescue works with Erika Johnson, Thurston County Cruelty investigator, as well as Joint Animal Services and animal control agencies in surrounding counties. “It is an honor to work with local animal welfare agencies, to have gained their trust and be able to continue the work they have started, to join other teams of individuals passionate about making a difference”, states founder Brook Snow.

20151005_154701_006_01-1“Our local animal shelters already do amazing work”. With paid staff and a streamlined intake process, adoptable dogs and cats are available to the public rather quickly. Then there’s the shy, timid dog cowering in the corner, the stray dog recently hit by a car that is still recovering from injuries, or even worse the dog so traumatized from abuse and neglect she won’t allow anyone near. “That’s where we come in.”

With a shoestring budget, Emmit’s Magic team makes all of this happen. For special cases, Emmit’s Magic has held dedicated fundraisers to help specific pets through the treatment and care needed to help them find their forever homes. The rescue couldn’t have accomplished these goals without the help of volunteers and member of the community.

Yes, it takes time and patience. Sometimes it takes 16 hours a day, working on the details to keep the organization running. Vet appointments, house breaking and crate training dogs, fundraising, coordinating volunteers, its incredibly time consuming. “But I can’t look that dog in the eyes and tell them they are not worth it. Each one of them that we take into the rescue, that’s someone’s future best friend. That’s what it means to all of us involved in this organization.”

Take Sidney, for example. Surrendered to Joint Animal Services in the fall of 2015, she was then adopted and returned twice. After being transferred to Emmit’s Magic Animal Rescue, Sidney was adopted then returned yet again. “It took a lot of work from the foster family to identify Sidney’s needs and to ease her anxiety from these transitions; we thought she was going to be a permanent foster. Six months later, Sidney’s photo with her new family is used the headline for an article written about the rescue in Thurston Talk. All Sidney needed was her own family to love.”

20170516_195220Both Emmit and Magic were loved members of local families. With the heartbreak of Emmit’s passing in 2014, and after fostering for other local rescues, ideas became realities in June of 2015 and this small organization was born. To date, 102 pets have been saved and rehomed.

Some of the partnerships that make it all happen are located right here in our community. Toyota of Olympia, Evolution Ink Tattoo Studio , South Bay Press, Boulevard Animal Clinic, South Sound Mobile Vet and the Thurston County Boys and Girls Club, Mud Bay, and Parrotheads of Puget Sound are a few of the dedicated sponsors.

A vital part of the rescue is giving back to the community through Emmit’s Magic Animal Rescue’s Thrift Store located at 3945 8th Ave SE in Lacey. All of the money raised from the store goes to support the rescue. For only five dollars to fill a bag with any items available, it is a real bargain. All staff are volunteers, all goods are donated, and all proceeds help fund Emmit’s Magic Animal Rescue. Any donations of clothing and household goods that are not used in the store go to help The Dare to Love Project, Interfaith Works Emergency Shelter and to help stock Providence St. Peter’s crisis closet, as well as supplies for other local nonprofit organizations in need.

For those who are not able to foster or adopt directly there are many other ways to contribute. Volunteers are essential to the organization. Anyone who is interested in volunteering should contact Emmit’s Magic Rescue through their website www.emmitsmagicanimalrescue.com

Want to donate directly to the rescue? Besides greatly needed monetary donations, a few of the items that are currently needed to care for animals in the rescue are old towels, flannel sheets, blankets, dog and cat toys, crates or carriers, cat litter, pet beds, collars and leashes.

Out of grief comes an organization dedicated to saving the lives of abused and neglected pets. Out of compassion comes the love and care needed to help them become healthy adoptable pets. Out of dedication comes the drive to to see it through the day to day operations, on its way to becoming a sustainable organization with a mission to rescue, foster, and locate loving homes for homeless and abandoned pets.