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The Value of a Private Christian Education

By: by Laura White
Principal, Faith Lutheran School

Faith Lutheran School has been a part of the local community for the past 40 years. With its humble beginnings in 1971 on Pacific Avenue in Lacey, the school has grown yearly, and currently offers classes from preschool – 6th grade, as well as on-site childcare. For working parents, this is especially important, since they can rely on their children being in a safe and loving environment on the same campus during the entire day! Additionally, Faith’s teachers have a combined experience of 137 years!

The dedicated childcare staff ensures your child has consistent care-givers, since staff members have an average length of 6 years at their job.

Faith Lutheran School is a part of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS), which operates the largest Protestant parochial school system in the United States! The LCMS believes that education should address the whole person—body, mind and spirit—beginning in early childhood. Faith Lutheran School has embodied this belief into their mission statement: “Raising up families & followers of Jesus Christ!” In the past 40 years, the school has graduated hundreds of students that have gone on to make a difference in the community!

Faith Lutheran School offers small class sizes, state-certified teachers, strong academics, and affordable rates

But Faith Lutheran School offers more than just academic and spiritual education. Being at Faith Lutheran School is like being part of a large family where everyone greets your child and knows your child by name. The school’s loving atmosphere also provides emotional nurturing during the impressionable elementary age school years. The teachers are dedicated and supportive. They firmly believe in the proverb that says, “Train up a child in the way he should go, so that even when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

If you haven’t seen Faith Lutheran School up close & personal, give us a call today at 360-491-1733 to schedule a tour and meet the staff; or visit us at www.FaithLutheranLacey.org/school. See for yourself the true value of a school that focuses on educating children in a vibrant and loving atmosphere.

We would welcome the opportunity and responsibility to embrace your child in the best school/childcare setting in Lacey.