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Tutoring is to Education as Coaching is to Athletics


By: Angela Grant, Owner, Club Z In-Home Tutoring

Parents and students alike would do well to use tutors the same way that athletics use coaches: to teach fundamental skills to players of all skill levels.

We accept, almost without question, the need for exceptional coaching. We expect professional teams to retain the very best coaches available to help world class athletes maintain the necessary edge to compete with other great athletes. An athlete without a coach invites chaos, disorganization, and a sloppy work ethic.

The parent of a promising young tennis player would immediately seek out a coach with the knowledge and experience to refine her skills and instill the virtues of hard work through organized and intense work sessions.

Yet, with regard to education, we tend to take a more laid-back approach. Education is preparation to compete in a very competitive world, and as parents, we should apply the narrative of the athletic coach to our children’s education.  If a promising tennis star would benefit from a coach, it only makes sense that a bright high school student eager to pursue a career in engineering would benefit just as much from a qualified math tutor.  And, of course, the average student would benefit from individual instruction as well.

We all benefit from individual instruction.  It is the most personal, most effective, and most proactive route to better understanding, better skill development, and better grades.

An English tutor could help a student develop writing skills far beyond his current capabilities.  An algebra tutor could help any math student hit the ground running next school year with dedicated summer tutoring.  A Spanish tutor could instill a life long love of languages.

Great students are not born any more than great athletes are.  They are made through hard work, discipline, and efficient training.

When we place a qualified and enthusiastic tutor with a child eager for help and open to instruction, and they spend dedicated work time, we see outstanding results.  What a great gift and advantage to give to a child.