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Zip Line Adventures on Treehouse Island

A zip line park was not the first thing in mind when James Misner and Grady Eilts bought a 50 acre island in the middle of Silver Lake, WA in 2008.  Instead, they dreamt of building unique treehouses where people could get away from it all, enjoying the beauty of the island itself as well as the entire Mt. St. Helen’s area.  But as fate would have it, their dreams of tree houses were caught in the complicated web of regulation. 

In late 2009 a new dream sprouted, and Grady and Jim started building a zip line park.  The building of the park itself was an exciting challenge since both men are builders, artists and businessmen by trade.  At the same time, they kept their treehouse dream alive by designing and building a beauty that sits high in the air overlooking the island park and the lake.  At this time the treehouse is privately owned, but someday they hope to be able to successfully navigate the regulations that would allow them to build more treehouses and make them available to the general public for overnight stays.  As for the zip line park, you’d be correct if you were thinking that this project would be laden with complicated regulations as well.  But the good news is that they stayed with it; and perseverance paid off! They were thrilled when the zip line park opened in September of 2013. 

Now the public are the lucky ones…folks can book zip line tours which include a scenic boat ride to and from Treehouse Island (named for the treehouse of course!).  The boat ride wows visitors with spectacular views of Mt St. Helens and Mt. Rainier.  Upon arrival on the island, guests are greeted warmly by a guide who fits them into their harness. Then off they go on an adventure through the trees!  They ride six different zip lines ranging from 100 to 600 feet long (that’s two football fields long!!) and 75 feet high. The tour lasts about 2 ½ hours.  Some guests choose to come to the island on “Island Only Passes” to enjoy the grassy park and fire pit area since they prefer to enjoy the zip lines from the ground, taking photos of their friends and family zipping by overhead! 

Some of the most fun has been with organized groups such as churches, scouts, businesses, schools and teams of up to 60 who come for the day or overnight camping.  Groups not only receive discounted prices, but more perks on the island as they roast marshmallows and bond around the fire pit, play games or picnic in the grassy park, and of course…zip line!

Peg from Longview said this about her zip trip:

I highly recommend Treehouse Island Zip Line. The experience was thrilling! The course is set up in the forest and the participants climb short ladders between zips lines. The staff was excited to be there and I felt safe the entire time. The boat ride to and from the island was fun too. Everything was first class and well organized. Our group was ages 12 through 91, everyone had fun. I’d go again anytime. Peg

Want to experience it yourself or need a great gift idea?  Book a zip trip!